Send this Letter to a Friend


If you come across this post by chance, look to the universe. If you come across this through a link, look to the sender. Either way, someone wants you to know you are loved.

This is for you, the reader.

For you, the friend.

Chapter 1: wind + water

Take my hand whenever you need a companion on your next adventure.

A lifetime can pass and I still won’t be able to send up enough thank yous for your existence.

You are fearless and strong, fortified from unreleased pressure of hardship after hardship,

Let yourself rest when it gets too much.

Over the mountains, beyond the clouds, among the stars is where you’ll be one day;

Remember me when you get there.

Chapter 2: sunrise

Softly, you

Ask, “Are you okay?” and it’s enough to ignite the blossoming cracks that have been perforating my walls. It’s enough to

Break the infrastructure of “Really, I’m fine“, a river of emotions spilling onto the floor between us.

Reaching out to the burdened is what you do best –

I pray one day you let me return the favor. In the meantime, know that

Nectarous charm is weaved into your core: your aesthetic, your words, your laugh ooze with radiance freshly dipped in the sun.

A work of art is what you are. A work of art, made by the hands of a King.

Chapter 3: to the city

More than anything I

Admire your ability to listen, absorbing your surroundings without polluting it with words of negativity. I now see that 

Reaching the final stop of any journey

Is sweeter when your pocket pulses with all the colors you’ve collected along the way – light and dark, blues and reds, sad and happy and anything in between. 

Complexity lies in the art of the simplest practices. You

Encompass the humility, grace, and selflessness that most people work their whole lives to obtain.

Learning from you has been the greatest gift in this friendship.

Chapter 4: gateway to the gold

Protect the curiosity buzzing through your bones whenever you thirst for knowledge. It is a rare feat – much like how

Apothecaries could never match the magnitude of your healing powers on any anxiety-ridden atmosphere

To seek beauty in the dustiest corners of this globe is a

Testament that

You are what you see. And my dear, you should know – your irises twinkle brightest in the dark. You are light, you are hope, you are gold.

The first letter of each line unveils four individuals who inspired this piece. Get a better glimpse of them through the video below.



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