Pretend it’s April 20, 2018

The first birthday of this blog was supposed to be this big virtual celebration where I would describe my before’s and after’s since the first post, how much I’ve grown, all my plans for the future, blah blah blah, all that. I was even planning to get myself a red velvet cupcake and blow a candle, wishing for more years with this creative outlet. Everything was supposed to be drenched in sentiment –

But I totally forgot the actual date of when FranRants was created HAHAH So when I realized I missed it, I kind of just convinced myself that the anniversary wasn’t really a big deal anymore.

I want to take it back, though. No, I don’t have anything special planned, but I’m going to acknowledge this blog today. This place has become my secret hideout for a while; I hope you can see that I’ve equipped it with blankets and large cushions so your butt doesn’t hurt if you sit in here for too long. If you lie on your back and look straight up, you can see the clouds through an open circular window. It’s best to come by in the early morning or late at night when the sun has yet to burst through the blackish purple haziness of the sky. This hideout never ever ever gets stuffy because one, that is gross. And two, it’s made to shelter as many people as possible, as long as they are willing to read. My secret hideout is your secret hideout. …Or you can make your own and maybe invite me if you have nicer amenities? Anyways, I don’t know how many more years FranRants will continue to live on but knowing that my creative endeavors always seem to have an unknown expiration date, might as well cherish this while it lasts.

SO JOIN ME in this 2 minute birthday party. Hold this balloon while I take a picture of you against the skyline photo booth backdrop. Also, leftover spaghetti is on the table, next to the tiny red velvet cupcake. Help yourselves!


Alyssa Skvarla – my inspirational writer-in-crime, thanks for teaching, sharing, editing, geeking out with me over everything

Ate Nicko, Clarissa, Patty, Taylor – the first responders who have nothing but kind words for my sad words. You make me feel really really warm and fluffy inside love u

Caitlin Knight – thanks for letting me ask you for illustrations despite your schedule; and goodness! your endless encouragement! truly, thnk u cait

All the illustrators – thank you for letting me use your art!!!!!!! Eo, Shawn, Cait, Clarissa, Taylor. Ya’ll are so talented

The readers – it always comes down to you. Reading requires so much effort these days, thank you a million times over for taking the time to listen to what I have to say.



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