Photoset: A More-Than-Bearable Thursday Night

I only say “more-than-bearable” because usually a Thursday night is night lab and night lab is my peak point of stress in any given week. This particular Thursday though I got to tag along with friends who wanted tacos at 11pm. It was a glooooorious time. Like any other timid adventurist, I live for these mildly spontaneous moments. So in reality, “more-than-bearable” really means oh-man-I’m-so-glad-I-set-foot-off-campus-today with a hint of I-am-so-grateful-for-these-people.


(I didn’t get anything to eat because I was already stuffed with the cinnamon raisin bagels I had for dinner.) And since there were too many cockroaches patrolling the empty curb next to the truck, my friends ate in the car. A sidenote-that-is-bigger-than-the-main-note: My love for catch-up car time is probably one of the things that won’t be extinguished any time soon. The quality talks that ensue in the middle of a quiet parking lot, the windows down a smidgen to let air in, the security that blankets our incoming rants, troubles, gossip… man I’m telling you car talks are those monumental intermediates that take any friendship to a deeper level.

We tried establishing a policy to hinder ourselves from gossiping too much but it didn’t exactly work out hahaha. We had said that we could only talk about other people if we reported in it all in Tagalog and since none of us are that amazing at Tagalog, we thought our moral compasses would finally align, but instead it only made us made more fluent in the language lol


And then I came home to my housemates watching Lion King (or more accurately, Lion King 1.5 with Timon and Pumbaa as the leads) which was a cute sight to see.IMG_6770

When the movie finished around 2 am, we heard a low gravelly voice coming from my side window. It turned out to be Honorary Housemate Simon coming back from his frat or something. Anyway, the social drive-thru scene was funny so I took a picture (below).

FullSizeRender (58)



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