After 4 Years, a 5k!!!

Guys I ran a 5k today!! WHAT!!! As someone who’s been traumatized by insane high school cross country days, I never thought I’d actually come back to running for fun. But when you’re too uncoordinated to do anything else, what other choice do you have for exercise right? Anyway, I won’t bore you with details except to say that this actually made me miss those days with the cross country team. Although at the time, I always complained about practice (sorry to everyone who became recipients of my 24/7 resentment) there’s no doubt that they were my constant inspiration, guidance, pride, and support all in one.

Scuttling to a quiet spot under a tree to put my bib on myself was a hard-hitting “HEY-LOL-YOU’RE-ALONE-NOW” moment.

I ran this race with my Liwanag pals though. Look at them! They’re glowing!

When I crossed the finish line, I was so close to puking. HAHA the feeling of your stomach lurching straight up your esophagus is some nostalgic sadistic ritual that I experience way too much. In my opinion, this is why running is so…humbling? It’s such a gross process that you can’t really escape. Luckily, I covered my mouth with the crook of my elbow and heaved a slow greedy breath that seemed to do the trick.

I was supposed to train for a week, running a little bit everyday leading up to the Saturday morning but of course, I only ended up actually running 2 miles on Tuesday and Thursday.

In terms of goals, I just didn’t want to walk.

(And I didn’t! YAY!!)


In the back of my mind, I was hoping to go faster than a 10min/mile pace, so this time actually made me very happy!