Food Crawl in LA

Yesterday I spent the entire day at LA for an Asian-food-inspired food crawl. If you don’t know what that is (I didn’t either), this is what urban dictionary has to say:

We hit up a total of 5 spots, plus a bar called Wolf and Crane which is honestly impressive and mighty efficient in my opinion. In order, here’s where we went:

1. Northern Thai Food Club

This was unanimously our favorite place among all of the restaurants we went to. Everything was so so good and satisfying. It deserves any and all its high rankings. From left to right we ordered: khao soi gai (curry egg noodle w chicken), spicy pork sausage, and another curry dish that I forgot the name of.

2. Joy

I LOVED the thousand layer pancake with cheese (seen being sliced in the corner of this photo). Other things ordered from left to right: scallion bread sandwich, spicy shrimp wonton, chiayi chicken rice.

3. Wurstküche

This was a stray-away from the Asian food theme but it was still good! If I remember correctly what we ordered from left to right was: a classic bratwurst, mango & jalapeno, duck & bacon, and fries. We also drank beer and yummy sodas in glass bottles (Noush and I drank the sodas) which fit in with the brick wall brewery-esque vibe of the restaurant.

4. The Prince

After walking around Little Tokyo and stopping by a bar, we finally made it to our most anticipated place: a Korean restaurant set in medieval guise. You can tell I couldn’t be bothered to take a polished photo since we were all excited about the various forms of cheese and rice and kimchi. Loved the ambience of this restaurant – I felt so ….adult: valet parking, soju shots, fries on the house, and dim lighting. I think it’s the dim lighting that did it LOL. What we ordered left to right: kimchi fried cheese balls, small fried chicken & dubbokki (spicy rice cakes).

This is irrelevant but our waitress/hostess/owner lady was so dainty and regal I immediately wanted to mirror how she carried herself. How she stood so tall and elegant when she took our order without writing anything down, her fluid movements as she set our chicken on the table HAHAHA I’m goin crazy. Anyway. Moving on.

5. Frankielucy Bakeshop

Dessert is always kind of the one we decide on the spot – whatever we’re feeling at the time. And this modern take on Filipino-style bakery was what we happened to come to. I do wanna say that right when we got to the door, the worker was already closing up and luckily she made time for us. Honestly what wonderful customer service, she explained every dish displayed and gave us samples and didn’t rush us. We also ate in the car which was the best.

What we got from top to bottom: vanilla bread pudding, their bestseller ube upside down pie, cookies n cream upside down pie. The pies were delicious!! I don’t know what the crumbs are on top but that was mmm how to say…fire. HAHAHA basically it was really really good if that wasn’t clear yet.

Here are more pictures featuring the crew! A little background: we were all friends/carpool buddies in high school and cross country. And as you can imagine, the shared experiences (aka ‘trauma’ as alyssa called it) from running really makes for a long-lasting friendship glue.


Anoushka – the most fearless driver, the hottest mental-mathematician, keeps her brother in check

Siraj – the chef himself, itinerary planner, professional Yelper and food scouter, good at giving ted talks in the car

JC – master of mind games & pledges, mr. popular, future PT so go to him if your hip flexors are wack

Alyssa – ultimate carpool DJ, responsible for any HQ photos captured, knowledgeable on natal charts & astrology, walks very very fast

Little Tokyo

JC & Siraj


Alyssa & Noush

Me trying to coordinate a Star with our fingers

Cheers to us and our 7+ years of friendship!